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What would you do if you were a vibrant, energetic person, living a life filled with potential directing one of the top ballet schools in the nation and then discovering that you had developed rheumatoid arthritis? What would you do if your chosen career was over before it began, as you experienced crippling migraines, chronic fatigue, life-threatening tumors, and excruciating joint pain? What would you do when the doctors said there was no cure?Well, if you were Joyce Johnson, who was nearly confined to a wheel chair 34 years ago, you would make an in-depth study of nutrition to find the solutions and drastically re-adjust your life and especially your diet to overcome your health problems.


Nutritional Supplements


At the Wellness Center of America, we offer only top quality, 100% natural products designed to promote optimum health for you. The supplements are designed to repair your body's own biochemistry and thus restore you to a healthy balance.

Our many years of experience here at the Wellness Center have provided us with the ability to provide only the best products available for our clients needs. Our products offer the following:

  • Nutraceuticals designed to enhance genetic expression and improve health
  • Quality standards with supportive documentation, available upon request
  • First to utilize pure, MCHC (industry standard for comprehensive bone nourishment)
  • Most thoroughly researched acidophilus in the world
  • Products created and backed by the most highly trained field representatives in the Industry, guaranteeing fast absorption and optimal results

How To Order

If you don’t have your personalized Nutritional Analysis,
Call us at (800) 545-6923

If you are a returning customers,
Call us at (800) 545-6923

Order Recommended Products Online

Touchstone Essentials - TOUCHSTONE contains only organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs

Below are wholesale prices for autoships

  • Wellspring ($39) Omega 3 from veggie oils - keeps the heart healthy, lowers lipids & blood pressure
  • Pure Body ($25) takes out toxins including metals, fungus, virus
  • Pure Body Extra ($64) memory loss; clears metals from the brain
  • Essentials ($45) multi made of 33 organic vegies and fruits
  • Supergreens ($39) kills fungus, strengthens immunity, improves intestinal tract & digestion
  • Green Energy ($35) improve circulation by adding hemoglobin to red blood cells-more oxygen=more energy

XYMOGEN - XYMOGEN® eStore - Nutritional Supplements
Hard to believe? Here is Dr. Joyce sky diving at age 83

Dr Joyce Skydiving

LifeVantage - At last a product that eradicates oxidative stress... the fertile ground for just about every disease! Numerous scientific studies verify this!

Young Living Essential Oils - The best essential oils on the market today...
Chemically profiled for quality, potency, and purity

Green 8 USA - Electric magnetic frequencies can be dangerous!
Protect yourself from this invisible poison...
The danger of cell phones is well documented.


Speaking and Consulting
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