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What would you do if you were a vibrant, energetic person, living a life filled with potential directing one of the top ballet schools in the nation and then discovering that you had developed rheumatoid arthritis? What would you do if your chosen career was over before it began, as you experienced crippling migraines, chronic fatigue, life-threatening tumors, and excruciating joint pain? What would you do when the doctors said there was no cure?Well, if you were Joyce Johnson, who was nearly confined to a wheel chair 34 years ago, you would make an in-depth study of nutrition to find the solutions and drastically re-adjust your life and especially your diet to overcome your health problems.


Serious Health Sufferers

Heart disease, lung cancer, and kidney failure are three of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Unfortunately, each illness has become more prevalent over the past few decades. One out of two persons will get cancer in their lifetime and that number is increasing everyday.

The good news is that serious health problems can be prevented and in many cases overcome, with the assistance of Joyce Johnson, President of Wellness Center of America. A few years ago, Dr. Joyce married a vibrant seventy-seven year old guitarist, artist, and businessman.

However, this was not the case when she first met him; he was lying on his death bed suffering from congestive heart failure. Immediately she began screening him for his Nutritional Chemistry Blueprint to determine exactly what his body required.

His cardiologist was astounded to announce that he was actually cured of Congestive Heart Failure! Through her expertise, the man of her life is now up and about, enjoying a full and active life and achieving his dreams.

Utilizing the Nutritional Chemistry Blueprint, the Wellness Center of America can aid many serious health sufferers oftentimes by just a few, simple corrective actions. Whether it is genetic or environmental in nature, the effects of chronic health problems can be alleviated through the remarkable Wellness Center of America.

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Serious Health Sufferers
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