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What would you do if you were a vibrant, energetic person, living a life filled with potential directing one of the top ballet schools in the nation and then discovering that you had developed rheumatoid arthritis? What would you do if your chosen career was over before it began, as you experienced crippling migraines, chronic fatigue, life-threatening tumors, and excruciating joint pain? What would you do when the doctors said there was no cure?Well, if you were Joyce Johnson, who was nearly confined to a wheel chair 34 years ago, you would make an in-depth study of nutrition to find the solutions and drastically re-adjust your life and especially your diet to overcome your health problems.


To our friends, families, and clients:

Our Lord has brought our dear Dr. Joyce home. Her spirit, her vibrance, her energy will be greatly missed.

Diane Hayden has worked closely by Dr. Joyce's side for many years, and many of you have probably spoken with her in the past. Please contact Diane for any support, orders, and/or questions.




Premiere Nutritional Counseling by World Renowned Nutritionist, Diane Hayden. Mentored by Dr. Joyce, Diane has an educated background in Holistic nutrition.

Change your life forever!

Experience unlimited energy now!

Remain FOREVER YOUNG by reversing your aging clock!

Eliminate harmful toxins by detoxifying your body!

Reach a level of energy and health never before imagined!

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your own biochemistry!

Predict and prevent disease 5 years before symptoms appear!

Your personal health and fitness
Program includes:
  • Complete analysis of your blood, hair, and urine
  • Customized menu plan for your particular blood type
  • Personal supplementation and metabolic program
  • Custom exercise program
  • Stress management techniques
  • Trade secrets to obtain eternal health and youth
Recommended Products:

    Touchstone EssentialsTouchstone Essentials - contains only organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs (improving heart, brain, circulation, immune system, plus detoxifying)

    XYMOGEN - XYMOGEN® eStore - Nutritional Supplements

    LifeVantageLifeVantage - At last a product that eradicates oxidative stress... The fertile ground for just about every disease! Numerous scientific studies verify this!

    SecureInFoss1Green 8 USA - Electric magnetic frequencies... Protect yourself from this invisible poison.


Couple, Family, and Corporate rates now available! 

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